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Why should you be drinking kombucha daily? What is it and what are the benefits? Heather Brittany consumes this energy enhancing liquid daily and brings this 2000 year old beverage to our attention in Health Matters for a stronger body and mind. Kombucha is heralded to help with detoxification, joint care, digestion and as an immune system booster.

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American poet and author, Maya Angelou died today, May 28, 2014 at 86. Cynthia Brian discusses her work as an author, poet, and activist for civil rights. This “Shero” to the masses will be greatly missed.

When life gives us lemons, do we make lemonade? How do we bounce back from tragic and traumatic events? Boost your recovery with life success coach, Cynthia Brian’s insights.

Research is touting the wellness benefits of daily meditation.  What do we need to do, how do we do it, and for how long do we practice? Cynthia Brian helps clear your mind and heal your heart with deep breathing and gene altering meditation techniques.  Listen to the program at the Voice America Network and Listen at Starstyle® Be the Star You Are!® Radio

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