Join me Nov 3/22 at 1pm EST!

Political Risk and Supply Chain Management are two important topics in today’s world. I talk with the founder of LeanPM LLC and author of “Political Risk Management and the Global Supply Chain”, Ralph Kliem.

In our talk we touch on:

1. Defining Political Risk,

2. Political risk drivers,

3. Key components of managing political risk,

4. The risk register and what information it should contain,

5. The skills and knowledge required to manage political risk,

6. Risk reporting and audit,

7. The Political Risk Management Plan,

8. Political biases in political risks,

9. Monitoring the supply chain and maintaining the risk register,

10. Risk triggers,

11. Identify political risks that can impact you supply chain.

Ralph offers allot of great insights into political risk, and by understanding and monitoring political risk, you can help manage your supply chain. A great discussion you won’t want to miss. Enjoy!

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