Do you work to live or live to work?

Time flies in our busy lives. As soon as we are out of bed, our time, attention and energy are pulled by devices, people, tasks, family, work .

The moment we start our day, we turn on our busy mode and  get busy into various actions requiring our minds and bodies to work at their most efficient level.

We get into a race to make money so that we can safeguard our future. However, in this race we forget that we can run the race for long only if we have the energy provided by a healthy body and mind. 

According to a survey conducted by ergonomic trends, when asked what aspects of life have suffered the most due to poor work life balance, 48% reported their family relationships and 47% reported their relationships with friends.

It was also found out that people who often work long hours are also 1.66 times more likely to suffer from depression, and 1.74 times for anxiety

The energy for our work is derived from our intention . Our intention towards our work generates energy through our thoughts and emotions. So, if our intention is negative, our actions also become negative.

Our energy, just like our time, is a valuable resource that needs to be replenished every time it gets depleted through various sources around us in the form of devices, people, work and more. A healthy body is the place for a healthy mind and healthy spirit. If one of these moves out of balance, it impacts our holistic wellness. A balanced mind and body can bring holistic wellness into our life. 

Tune in to my upcoming episode of “The Peace Bridge Talk Show” on Voice America’s Influencers channel (Wednesday, 24th August, 5pm Pacific time),to learn and gain deeper insights on how to establish work life balance  in conversation with John Donnelly, Founder of Your holistic Academy . The episode will also include valuable exercises from ancient wisdom and meditation that can help you find balance during your work day.

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