Preparing for the Unexpected host Alex Fullick, focuses on Disasters, Crisis Management, Resilience, Emergency Management, and Business Continuity and relatable topic. One of the first talk radio shows to focus on these subjects. Alex is thrilled to announce the recording and scheduling of the episode ‘Women in Resilience’.

PHOENIX – Alex Fullick announces his “…most important and personal episode ever…”; Women in Resilience. Alex dedicates the episode to his mother Gail and Aunties Kendal and Brenda, who he believes were perfect examples of strong women and displayed resilience through all kinds of trials and tribulations.  

“I’ve wanted to talk about this subject for a long time, and finally I’ve been able to do it,” said Alex. Joining him for this episode is a global award-winning resilience expert, host of the podcast ResiliencePod®, and chair of the Business Continuity Institutes (BCI) Women in Resilience (WIR) Committee, Rina Singh. Also joining Alex is the co-chair of the BCI Women in Resilience Committee and noted Business Continuity expert, Margaret Millet.

The episode scheduled to air Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 1pm EST on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel covers allot a material. Rina, Margaret and Alex cover such topics as:
• Why the BCI’s Women in Resilience initiative is important,
• The women that have inspired Alex,
• The challenges faced by women in the resilience industry,
• The need for the Women in Resilience committee,
• Committee goals, objectives, and purpose,
• Defining an ally…and what it isn’t, and finally,
• The resources available and how people can get involved.

Said Alex, “I don’t think people should miss this episode. It’s not often you get the opportunity talk about something close to the heart, but this is certainly the one of those opportunities for me. Having guests like Rina and Margaret share their time and expertise was very important and listening to their stories – the good and the bad – should be inspiring to everyone.”


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For information on the BCI’s Women in Resilience initiative, visit:

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