Join me July 21/22 at 1pm EST!

Working with you suppliers is key if you want to create Supply Chain Resilience for your organization. I talk with the Head of Business Resilience Lead Logistics at Maersk, and BCI award winner, Zera Zheng.

Zera is very passionate about supply chain resilience and we have a very interesting talk, touching on such subjects as:

1. The elements of Supply Chain Resilience Management,

2. Supply Chain Mapping,

3. Contingency Options and Contingency Strategies (Acceptance, Reduce dependency, Work with Suppliers, Exit the relationship),

4. We get a real-life viewpoint of how Mearsk managed the Suez ‘ship’ crisis (You know the ship stuck in the canal),

5. 3 key areas of focus when supporting customers (Visibility, Alternative Solutions, Communications),

6. Supply chain resilience through collaboration, and more.

It’s a very interesting talk with some new perspectives on Supply Chain Management and Resilience. Enjoy!