Kara Whitely talks about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro from memoir turned movie starring This Is Us’ Chrissy Metz.

One of VoiceAmerica’s top-rated radio shows, Transformative Experts, celebrates its 60th episode with a brand refresh and a roundup of high-profile guests. For two years, listeners have followed along as Chris Elias and his guests share stories about overcoming insurmountable odds to build profitable companies and do meaningful work.

Stories from people like:

● Rana Shanawani, who, along with her husband, helped to develop entrepreneurs in war-torn Syria before fleeing with her family to the U.S. and founding both The Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship and The Refugee Outreach International.

● Dr. Randall Bell, who endured open heart surgery at the age of 11 and knows what it’s like to avoid, accept and work through trauma. He’s an economist and sociologist, and founder of the renowned Core IQ test and training system

● Janneh K Wright, who experienced overt racism time and again, and decided to combine his understanding of business and finance with his passion for Black and Caribbean communities. He operates PRIMUS Business Management and was named in the Top 40 Under 40 by The Network Journal.

And, of course, Kara Whitely, who calls herself a “plus-sized adventurer.” She explained her journey of acceptance to Chris in this way, “I realized that all of my worth, all of my joy, was based on this idea  that I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do—I couldn’t be the person I wanted to be—simply because of the size of my body. And I thought, ‘Well that’s rubbish… I want to have some forward momentum.’”

The story Kara shared with Chris and the listeners of Transformative Experts will soon be shared with viewers around the world in a movie starring ‘This is Us’ Chrissy Metz.

To showcase the illuminating guests and show’s success, Transformative Experts has revealed a fresh new show design to better capture the transformative stories in which the show has become known. All over the world, across all cultures, transformations propel ourselves and our businesses forward. Elias aims to highlight these life-changing moments to help others through their own.

Each week, Transformative Experts takes listeners behind the scenes with real-life business leaders to learn how to create a company culture that drives execution and optimizes results. The insight shared has attracted such a large following that the show is a top-rated program on the network.

This radio program airs on VoiceAmerica’s Business Channel Mondays at 8 AM PST and VoiceAmerica’s Influencers Channel Sundays at 10 AM PST. If you miss it live, Transformative Experts is also available on demand as a podcast on Spotify and Apple music. https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/3972/transformative-experts

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