Untying Knots: Minds & Souls Untethered podcast, discusses Steven Barnes’s recent work on the “Eight Fold Path” on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio.

San Jose, CA 9/26/2022 – – The podcast Untying Knots: Minds & Souls Untethered interviews Steven Barnes, noted author of multiple short story, novels, and screenplays centered in Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Spirituality. Barnes discusses their new book “Eight Fold Path” which is based on Buddhist principles, and presents these as stories to share for peoples growth. Additionally, Steven Barnes also co-hosts of the podcast called “Life writing: write for your life” along with his wife, Tananarive Due.

The Untying Knots: Minds & Souls Untethered podcast airs Mondays twice per month on the Empowerment Channel on the VoiceAmerica Network. Archives of Untying Knots: Minds & Souls Untethered can be found at https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/4033/untying-knots-minds-and-souls-untethered.

The podcast host is Perry Clark, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in private practice in San Jose, CA, where he provides mental health services to men, BIPOC, & LGBT clients. For more information about his practice, visit www.untangleandgrowcounseling.com.

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About Untying Knots: Minds & Souls Untethered

The Untying Knots: Minds & Souls Untethered podcast with Perry Clark, LMFT is a podcast from a Black, Indigenous, Person of Color (BIPOC) lens, which focuses on topics such as mental health, LGBT, men’s issues, nerd & geek culture, and spirituality. Perry talks with his guests about the ins, outs, complexity, and myths of the BIPOC world in areas that don’t often get spoken about. Listen as they explore and laugh about life, the world, and staying mentally healthy in the world today.

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