Today’s business world has allot of challenges and sometimes the answers to problems aren’t as simply as one might want. I talk with employee & customer engagement, leadership, and mental resilience professional, Marc Rowley. During our chat we focus in on two key areas: The Importance of Engagement and Mental Resilience.
a. Engagement defined,
b. engaging employees and leadership,
c Active listening,
d. Dealing with different personalities,
e. Building trust and relationships,
f. Using equity;
a. Understanding the journey,
b. Addressing the inner chatter,
c. What we can do for ourselves to get us started on the journey,
d. Emotional intelligence,
e. Influencing others (the team, the organization),
f. Empathy and self-awareness.
Marc does a great job of outlining how we can engage our peers, teams, and leaders to address some of the challenges organizations face. He provides some great advice on how we can get ourselves started on a journey of resilience by focusing on ourselves and our mental resilience. Enjoy!