Coming this Friday, June 9th at 10am PST!

Healthy Wellthy U welcomes Woniya Thibeault, two-time participant of the History Channel’s Alone, and the author of the new book, Never Alone: A Solo Arctic Survival Journey. With her two seasons on Alone combined, she spent more time than any other participant of the show living alone, surviving off the land in freezing conditions, having no shelter and next to no food except what she could build and procure for herself. Her survival was dependent on her ingenuity, determination, resilience and what the land provided. 

Through this, she found an extraordinary joy and wonder. 

“There are few things as transformative as feeling seen and held by an intact wild place, merging with the natural world around you, and coming to see yourself not as separate but as an important and valued part of it, feeling a belonging so deep that there’s no such thing as loneliness.” 

Woniya shares with us her experiences, her insights and her joy. 

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