Join me June 2, 2022 at 1pm EST on the Business Channel!

Being a corporate business leader can be tough. “Mishandled crises can devastate businesses, lives and livelihoods” (Hemus, 2020) I talk with internationally recognized crisis leadership expert and author, Jonathan Hemus, as we talk about what good leaders need to understand, know, and react, when disasters and crises strike.

We talk about:

1. The challenging risk landscape (health, economies…)

2. Securing executive buy-in

3. What organizations need have – and do – pre-crisis?

4. How to create a Crisis-Resilient Culture

5. The common flaws in crisis response

6. The golden rules for a successful crisis response

7. Michael McCain’s response to the Maple Leaf food crisis, and more.

It’s an informative discussion about a serious subject, and yet very open and accessible to people that might not be fully versed on crisis leadership. We might even have a comment or two about Aston Villa. Enjoy!