Although our planet continues its revolution around the sun in the Milky Way Galaxy, our world is also changing…

In this 21st century something has shifted in our consciousness and in the way we think of ourselves, the world, the environment, and the way we do business. Every big shift of consciousness takes time to grow roots in society. But we are on that wave crossing the ocean and now is the time to contribute to the awakening of the planet. MeaVana is riding that wave with its simple and original concept of customized dashboards that reach everyone who uses a computer, a cellphone or other device.

As a chrome extension, MeaVana makes it easy to lighten up your day with a choice of topics ranging from your favourite celebrities or artwork to peaceful mind, and inspirational pictures. A different picture every day with an inspirational quote to remind you to keep your goals higher, to take time for a Zen tea break, to breathe in the moment, and expand your mind to brighter horizons…or perhaps just to make you smile. You can even surf among the various topics and see the creativity of the editors. MeaVana can also create your favorite selection of topics for your own company.

As a customized dashboard, MeaVana also helps you organize your favorite access to the News, the weather, and other applications you use the most – a quick way to stay connected to our world revolving around the sun, in the Milky Way Galaxy. In fact, it is more than a dashboard, it is a window to the world.

Myoku is proud to contribute to that vision with themes like “Drink your Tea” and “Peaceful Mind” that include Zen quotes. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a student, or working in an office, MeaVana dashboards will inspire and support you. Enjoy!