Are you one of the 15 million taxpayers to receive an IRS notice of collections? Do you have unfiled tax returns? Has the IRS filed a substitute return for you? Did you know that IRC section 6020 allows the governments to prepare a valid return based on 3rd party information? If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions, getting compliant with the IRS will be the start of solving your tax issues. How do you get compliant with the IRS?

Step1: Find the right tax professional — This not just the person who prepared your tax return. We recommend either an Enrolled Agent or a CPA who specialize in tax resolution to guide you through process.

Step 2: Have the tax professional file that last 6 years of tax returns.

Marcelino Dodge, Enrolled Agent of Cash Tracks Financial Inc. will guide you through the process, get you compliant, and help to resolve your tax debt.

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