Join me Thursday, Sep 1/22, at 1pm EST!

I talk with award-winning IT, Continuity, Resilience, Risk and Security professional and noted resilience expert, Modebola Olowu. Modebola talks about personal resilience and how we can cultivate a practice the will work effectively at home and in the workplace.

We touch on subjects such as:

1. What is resilience and the difference between the workplace and home,

2. Characteristics of personal resilience?

3. The art of Kintsugi? (This is a great analogy for resilience and I urge everyone to go find your gold!!),

4. Cultivating Resilience,

5. The Me Strategy,

6. The Proactive Strategy,

7. The Community Strategy,

8. Crises and their Opportunities, and

2020-10-29 - YOUTUBE - Banner.jpg9. Way’s to identify opportunities in crisis (e.g., change your perspective, find the ‘loophole’ etc.).

It’s clear that Modebola is quite passionate about personal resilience, and it comes across during our discussion. With allot of resilience talk focusing on technology, processes, and systems, Modebola teaches us how to take a step back and look at ourselves…our gold.