There are many out there who don’t know TikTok well although it isn’t that complicated. Explaining TikTok is not that hard – it motivates users to get on the same page using hashtags and trends and provides instructions to create content. You are going to be rewarded for making it different.

This is different from Instagram because Instagram doesn’t reward users for copying and tweaking – you might end up getting shamed for doing this. TikTok embraces this.

When it comes to the algorithm, it is way easier to grow on TikTok compared to Instagram because TikTok has the “For You” page. This will serve content automatically and it is going to show content that it thinks you like, which means for small businesses, they have a chance because they don’t need to have a huge following before their content is seen by many people.

Below are some TikTok marketing tips for small businesses.

Creating your account 

The first step if you want to grow your business using TikTok is creating an account, which seems like an easy thing for most, but there are some who have a hard time doing it. Not everyone is a teen or young adult good with technology. 

Capturing video content 

You need to have video content you will share on TikTok. You don’t have to create expensive content, even a simple video of how you do business is enough. You can record as you package orders or even run errands. You need to record even the simple tasks because it is good content for your TikTok account.

Recording such things might seem mundane, but people love watching behind the scenes. People want to know more about how the business is run. You might not know what to do with the content, but it is going to come later on.

Curating a small business “for you” page 

Like content that you might want to attract on TikTok. The algorithm is going to look at the content you like, so you need to follow small businesses on TikTok and you are going to get on “Small Business TikTok”. You are going to attract the right audience based on who you follow and what you like. This is a good way of getting into small business TikTok.

When your ‘For You’ page has content from small businesses, it becomes easier to know what they are creating and can inspire you. You might find audio and trends that you can use to make your own TikToks.

Using hashtags and trending songs

When you are ready to create the first video, you need to make sure you are using hashtags and trending songs – you can find them on the discover page. When you use a trending song, you will get a bigger audience and also more followers. Buy TikTok likes to grow your audience further. Go through the discover page from time to time and see whether there is anything tending that you can use.

Before you understand TikTok, you should do a bit of research consuming TikTok. If you don’t know TikTok, the best solution is to get on it and you will get a hang of it in a short time. it is hard to explain everything to do with TikTok, but easy to learn as you go.

Make an effort of going on the explore page at least once a day, and then have a look at the newest one and see if it can work for you or your brand.

You should always be looking for something you can make your own. There are times when you come across content that is not going to apply to you or your business, which is okay. There are many trends at any time. going through your “For You” page is also going to help.

Editing your TikToks in Apps

You can choose to create your videos using editing apps like Prequel or Splice or TikTok. The editing apps will give you the chance of splicing multiple videos together and also adding filters. The prequel has become known for trendy video filters, like videotape nineties or two-tone color filters.

Splice is the same as TikTok in many aspects, but it gives you the option of splicing your videos together. The Splice app allows you to make a video even if it is just two seconds. It also has transitions and other features. This app can be likened to Adobe Premiere Rush.

Adding your hashtags

When you are don’t creating your content and want to upload them to TikTok, you need to use four to five hashtags. You shouldn’t use more than this because it overwhelms the algorithm and it won’t know where to place your content. You have a better chance of appearing on ‘For You’ pages if you use the right number of tags. TikTok sometimes doesn’t go viral immediately. 

You don’t have to delete a TikTok, you can put it on private so it doesn’t show, then you can choose to make it visible later and see if it does better.

There are times when content goes viral within hours, but there are times when it goes viral months after posting. Just trust that people are going to see your content eventually. The above tips will go a long way in helping you with your TikTok efforts. You are going to learn more as you use the platform.