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The Intersection of Love Languages and Comedy

In the realm of comedy, few artists possess the ability to seamlessly intertwine humor with empowerment quite like Anastasia Bolden, professionally known as Anastasia The Bold. A dynamic force in the realms of both comedy and empowerment, Anastasia has skillfully carved out a distinctive niche for herself as a Comedic Empowerment Specialist. Her unique approach involves harnessing the power of laughter as a healing tool, assisting individuals in overcoming personal traumas and challenges.

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We Choose Joy: How 22 Women Went Beyond Healing to Create Joyful Lives

In an era where resilience and joy are more important than ever, a new anthology titled “WE CHOOSE JOY: How 22 Women Went Beyond Healing to Create Joyful Lives” is set to inspire readers across the globe. Curated by Linda Laird Staszewski, this compelling collection of stories is a testament to the strength and spirit of women who have faced adversity and emerged stronger, more radiant, and filled with joy.

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Manhattan – “Higher Rates Are Protecting Real Buyers”

Remember when I asked: “Are you thinking of buying next year?…so is everyone else!” Well, it’s all perception. In the big picture of what is required to purchase a property in Manhattan, rates are an extremely important metric, but…like price…is not the most important. The most important component to the buying process is the competition* and it’s THE biggest barrier to entry into Manhattan.

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