Join me June 9, 2022 at 1pm EST on the Business Channel!

Business Continuity and Risk Management must work closely together, like two people in a well-orchestrated dance; a ‘paso doble’. I speak with Business Continuity and Risk Management expert Federica Maria Rita Livelli about how these two disciplines need to work in parallel to maintain synergy and unity.

In this episode Federica discusses:

1. Defines the likeness between disciplines and how they assist each other

2. Discusses strategies and resources that link the two disciplines together

3. The importance of the Business Impact Analysis and the Risk Assessment

4. Understanding the business

5. The resilience that can be created between the two

6. A holistic and harmonized approach to BC and Risk Mgmt.

7. Tips for practitioners to foster an ‘…environment… based on shared risk…culture, values, trust and collaboration’…and much more!