Have you ever felt stuck in your life ?

Very often when we lack purpose , we tend to feel empty, bored, disappointed, jealous and dissatisfied in our life.

Lack of purpose in life can also lead to various mental health issues that includes anxiety, depression, addiction and interpersonal relationship problems in life.

There are multiple factors that could lead to lack of purpose in life. Some of which can include unemployment, lack of spirituality, childhood experiences, bereavement and more.

This week on “The Peace Bridge Talk Show” on Voice America, I look forward to sharing with you on

* How to get unstuck and rise to your purpose

* How to integrate holistic wellness to your life

* Simple and Powerful Guided meditation to discovering your purpose

Join me this week on “The Peace Bridge Talk Show” on Wednesday 5pm, Pacific time on Voice America to listen to the discussion with Bio Medical Researcher, Founder of Healthy Neighbourhood’s Project – Dr Hans Parge

Rising to your Purpose