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There is emerging on the face of the Earth a new Human, an infinite Human and that Infinite human is you! Join Elizabeth Monroy weekly for enlightening discussions, multidimensional journeys, profound meditations and empowering visualizations AS WE CO- CREATE THE NEW CONSCIOUSNESS RENAISSANCE TOGETHER with other blossoming infinite human beings who are shifting the old paradigms of our broken, fragmented, finite 3D Earth and alchemizing it into a more expansive, unified, loving infinite reality by reclaiming our true divine infinite power within as the Co-creators of the new infinite Earth. Join us weekly for The Infinite Human Talk Show, hosted by Elizabeth Monroy every Monday at 9 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.

Elizabeth Monroy is an International Author, Film Director, Producer, Visionary Artist and Talk Show Host. Her genres include Children’s books, Romance Novels and her latest book is The Infinite Human, an Ascension Guide. She holds a Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling and combines her Intuitive abilities to be of service to our Earth and humanity during our current Ascension Cycle, or what she calls the RESET TO THE INFINITE. Although she is an American she chooses to outside the US living part of the year in Sicily and traveling to other parts of the world where she leads esoteric Infinite Human Tours and pilgrimages, offers workshops at the infinite human school and co-creates New Earth Eco- Communities with Kiki, her Pomeranian dog by her side and Peter, who is always with her in spirit!

The Infinite Human Talk Show has been created to inspire you to become part of the New Consciousness Renaissance by evolving yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially and socially and reclaiming your true divine infinite nature and become an infinite human and a co- creator of the New Infinite Earth! BE THE CHANGE you want to see in the world no matter how small every action counts, every person matters. We hope to Tune you into your infinite self every Monday on The Infinite Human Talk Show.

If you have a question or or would like to share what you are doing to co-create a new reality for yourself and others or be a guest on our show please email your questions and comments to Or you can call us during the LIVE show at 888-346-9141. That’s 888-346-9141. 

The Infinite Human Talk show is based on the book The Infinite Human by Elizabeth Monroy and Dr. Peter Monroy check out it The Infinite Human, an ascension guide for Star seeds, Twin Souls and awakening infinite humans, the co-creators of the new infinite 5D Earth. You will also find many spiritual books to help both children and adults in their ascension journey. Isn’t it time to be part of the New Consciousness Renaissance? If this resonates with you please subscribe to our website at