Phoenix, AZ: January 7 at 11AM PT:

Join our host Kristi Lefferts, on The Soul Connection, as she welcomes her esteemed guest, Sidney Powell, to discuss the potential impacts of a societal issue that has concerned millions of Americans, the integrity of our election process.

This topic is one of the most widely discussed social influencing topics today, that can ignite an emotional response within the souls of our listeners, with widespread generational consequences. Our conversation covers the legal ramifications of the courts that summarily dismissed cases without being heard.  Nothing can be debunked when it has not been heard, investigated and proven.

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About Sidney Powell:

Ms. Powell has a long history of being a patriotic voice who tirelessly defends the Constitution.  Her outstanding resume reflects many accomplishments over the four decades of law practice, that began in the Appellate courts.  As recently featured in many headlines, she has become a household name that has been a champion of voter integrity.  A reoccurring mantra exemplified by her life is that the country belongs to “We the People.” Powell’s quest has been and still remains to defend the people against big government, as she has been referred to as “America’s Guardian.” Join us to hear her unique perspective from a legal standpoint on some of today’s biggest issues and challenges.

About Our Spiritual Warrior:

In the third segment our host welcomes a spiritual warrior to share a perspective that connects these social topics to physical and spiritual harmony.  At the request to remain unnamed, our warrior ignites the airways with a fire of prayer for our country and patriots, and hopefully inspires listeners to up the fire in their prayer life.  We welcome her passion and dedication as an intercessor for the frontline spiritual battle.

About Our Hostess:

Our show is hosted by Dr. Kristiann Lefferts, a founder of a Tampa-based outreach, author, licensed holistic practitioner, and minister. With a passion to bring the fire of faith back into the airways, she honors the historical significance of her adopted hometown tied to the Bay of the Holy Spirit, and the city known for its “Sticks of Fire.” Utilizing the blessing from years of ministry and a spark for connecting with others, our host looks to interconnect subjects of government, faith, health, history and associations in a message that highlights the collective impact on the soul.  Join her on this quest of a holistic and interconnective message that is patterned after her upcoming book, The Soul Connection!

About The Soul Connection:

Welcome to The Soul Connection, a show that delves into all the potential influencers that shape the soul. Our host, the soul doctor known as “Dr. K” will invite guests to share their expertise, testimonials, or knowledge on issues that impact the body, soul, spirit, or social spheres.

Guests will include doctors, authors, national figures, faith leaders, business moguls, and inspirational testimonials. The format is free-flowing, and therefore the guests may decide to talk about a subject that may or may not be popular, and we are not responsible for their viewpoints.  An emphasis is placed on Christian content, and spiritual connections in and the benefits of a holistic lifestyles on this show.

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