Join me March 24, 2022, 1pm EST (Business Channel)!

We do something a little different for this episode. Globally recognized Business Continuity Management and Resilience expert and author of ‘My Experiments with BCM’, Daman Dev Sood, will read a few chapters from his new book, and then we’ll talk about the chapter content after each reading.

We touch on chapters titled:

a) And a Million Dollar Question, Answering While I Close this Book (What do Business Continuity Mangers Do?),

b) Communication and Commitment (Continued Commitment)

c) “I am the Boss, I know the Business”, and

d) My Principles Valued @ Half a Million INR.

All the chapters are from Daman’s own personal experiences in the BCM industry, and you’re sure to relate to the stories and follow up discussions, as we talk about each experience (Chapter) in detail.