What makes us different from animals?

Human brain is the most evolved among all the other living beings that we see in this world. The most important differentiating factor between humans and animals is the power to discriminate and think.

It is this ability that has led us to many great advanced technological developments that we see around the world . Many great minds have used this power effectively and contributed to the community that has helped us evolve rapidly.

We all have higher and lower tendencies within our mind and act based on them . When we lead an unconscious life, we tend to get influenced by our lower tendencies that eventually leads us to places of addictions.

There are many factors that include intergenerational trauma, stress and challenges in life that could lead us to addictions. 

Any addiction be it in the form of devices, social media, alcohol, drugs, substances can only provide quick temporary fixes and do not have the ability to solve our problems or challenges permanently.

We all  have the power to solve our problems effectively without having to rely on these external objects by regaining our self control.

Through the upcoming episode on Addictions and Recovery this Wednesday at 5pm (Pacific time) on Voice America, I look forward to sharing deeper insights in conversation with Dr Vincenzo Aliberti, Executive Director of Red Deer Dream Center on

  • How Addictions can impact your wellness
  • How to prevent and recover from Addictions
  • Simple Guided Meditation to deal with Addictions 

I look forward to seeing you all there !!