Resilience is a journey, and I’m joined by longtime Resilience and Business Continuity expert, and author or ‘The Continuity Moment Insight: The Catalyst in Your Resilience Journey’, Harsha Sastry.
During our talk we touch on:
1. The Continuity Moment Insight (Harsha’s new book)
2. Resilience as a ‘journey’,
3. Episodes vs chapters or segments,
4. What Experiments means in resilience,
5. What Relevance means in resilience,
6. Innovation in resilience,
7. Changing perspectives,
8. Seeing the value in business continuity and resilience,
9. Collaboration,
10. The differences between business continuity and resilience,
11. BEIPGAS (you’ll have to listen to know how this will help you),
12. What comes first, business continuity or resilience? (I love Harsha’s response).
Harsha share a wealth of knowledge from his new book, but also from his extensive work experiences. You don’t want to miss Harsha’s insights and what he has to share. Enjoy!