Ransomware! Not a day goes by we don’t hear about the challenge this organization’s face. I’m joined by Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Advisor, Agnidipta (Agni) Sarkar who provides practical advise about Ransomware.
During our chat we touch on:
1. Defining Ransomware and it’s multiple phases,
2. The big issues in ransomware,
3. Investing in observability,
4. Recognizing when you have an issue,
5. Tools to help prevent issues in the first place,
6. What hackers do once they’re in,
7. Roles & responsibilities,
8. Working with other teams (Crisis Mgmt., ITDR, BCM…),
9. Performing the analysis/assessment,
10. To pay or not to pay,
11. Testing.
Agni does a great job of providing valuable practical insights into the ransomware topic, and yo don’t want to miss some of his in-depth knowledge. You’ll benefit from it! Enjoy!