As the world begins to open back up this year, people are going to want help in navigating how they want to live, engage, and incorporate a broader definition of wellness into their lives.  What constitutes wellness for each of us is made up of a combination of biological, mental, emotional, socio-economic, and cultural factors. These elements, each with their own effects, compile together to form our overall state of being. With so much affecting our lives, it is no wonder why so many people are seeking resources for help in these troubling times. 

It is no secret of the decline in mental health across America, especially following a major worldwide pandemic and all the negative impacts of war. It is estimated that nationwide, almost one in five people (47.1 million) in the U.S. are living with a mental health condition. That number increased by about 1.5 million over last year’s report, with about 10% of youth in the U.S having severe depression.

In order to battle depression it is suggested to talk to a therapist or medical doctor, but that can come with expensive costs. Mental health should be free for everyone. The most important resource to have in battling your depression is you. Only you have the power to conquer your mind, but first you must learn the techniques to do so.

In the hit podcast Make America Healthy, featured on Voice America, host Beth Shaw brings up topics affecting our nation today and talks through solutions that the everyday American can achieve. In the episode Be Your Own Life Coach, Beth invites Natalya Berdikyan to talk about some helpful strategies to take control of your life. Founder of Life By Design, an institute for life coaching, Natalya Berdikyan combines her vast business knowledge and life coaching experience to help her clients achieve their personal best. 

In order to be your own life coach, one must first understand what a life coach does. As Natalya Berdikyan described it “a life coach is generally someone that moves a person forward and closer to their goals.” With that being said, anyone can be their own life coach, you just have to be determined to achieve your goals. 

In order to achieve your personal goals, you must first visualize what they are. As you visualize your goals, remember the feeling that you have because overall, that feeling becomes your goal and your original goal becomes your strategy. It is by tapping into the feeling of achievement that you will be able to manifest and live your success. Beth Shaw reminds us to celebrate our wins, big or small. By taking a moment to look at how far we have come in achieving our personal goals, we will find a greater appreciation and determination to take it even further. 

As the founder of YogaFit Training Systems, the world’s largest yoga training school, Beth Shaw has climbed the ladder of success only to find out the climbing never stops. We should always be consciously working to improve our lives and those around us in order to create a brighter future. The best way that you can help others is by helping yourself. 

If you are looking to improve upon your whole health, YogaFit training sessions will provide you with the tools you need to dive deeper into yourself for greater introspection and healing. Even more, if you use the code VOICE22 at checkout you will receive 15% of your next YogaFit training session. It is by first becoming aware of and aligning your own energy, that you will gain a clearer vision of your personal goals and ways to achieve them.