Since 2018 more taxpayers are increasingly using do-it-yourself tax software. What many do not realize is that these same DIY software companies also provide software to tax professionals. For many people though this can be problematic, as just recently I had to amend a tax return for a new client who initially completed their return using one of these DIY software companies. For tax professionals to compete on this very tilted playing field they need to focus on making the personal connections that big corporations cannot. I started this process years ago by striving to use only companies, such as Tax ware Systems, that do not compete against me by offering a similar product to my tax and accounting clients. My focus is on working with clients year around with tax planning and other financial strategies, so my clients can get the best overall financial results. Is your tax professional standing out by using their expertise to help you with complex tax problems that just cannot be handled by DIY software? Or, do they just do your taxes? Today, we discuss DIY software vs. the tax professional, a sizzling hot topic that is so important for both tax professionals and taxpayers.

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