Join me Apr 1/21, 9am EST as I chat with national security expert Ray Boisvert.

Cyber Security is one of the biggest threats to nations, organizations, and individuals and ensuring we are well-protected is key to our future. In this episode I speak with ling-time recognized Cyber Security expert, Ray Boisvert. Ray will talk to us about the fast-pace changes in technology that are driving the needs to increase out data security practices and how criminal elements are keeping pace with these changes. We’ll also talk about why we need to move away from a Compliance-focused security program to put greater focus on basic risk management practices. Ray will also give some pointers on how we can enable our organizations to become more resilient to deal with the ever-increasing threat of Ransomware and other cyber crimes. We’ll even touch on Artificial/Augmented Intelligence (AI). Don’t miss this very important episode if you’re concerned about Cyber Security.


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