Are you stuck in your past ?

Our past is what  determines our present . However, sometimes unpleasant events from our past bothers us in the present and takes away our peace and happiness from us.

We tend to get into a place of sorrow,  guilt, shame and suffering that eventually eats up our energy and prevents us from progressing into our bright future. Eventually, it impacts our relationships at home, work, friends and more. 

We never realize that the buried past has been causing us problems in our day to day life and tend to ignore, avoid or succumb to activities that will help distract us from it. However, the traumatic effects of the past will continue to show up through our body and mind until we take action to work on it and cleanse it to move forward in our life.

Nothing in this world forever stays the same. Everything in this world around us undergoes change whether it is Nature, People, Places or Situations.  We cannot change our past but we can change our present. So, secure your present before it leaves your hands because that is all you have .

Past makes us in the present but don’t let the past take over your present.

You can’t go back and change the beginning but can start where you are and change the ending – CS Lewis 

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