Join me Oct 13/22 at 1pm EST on the VA Business Channel!

The success of Business Continuity, Risk Management, and Crisis Management, can be aided in part by having strong Supply Chain Management practices. I speak with Supply Chain and Business Continuity expert Kush Srivastava.

We talk about:

1. Domains and Common Elements,

2. The opportunities to leverage from the various domains,

3. The congruence analyzed,

4. The rolling impact of Supply Chain Management,

5. How SCRM aids in better BCPs, Crisis Mgmt., and Response & Recovery,

6. Mapping the Supply Chain,

7. Becoming a preferred customer,

8. De-clustering,

9. Flexibility in the Supply Chain.

It’s an interesting discussion that helps us understand how these four areas can work together to contribute to resilience, and realize that Supply Chain Management can be a silent lifeline for the success of each program.