“Every time I work with Dr. Jean Marie Farish, I don’t feel the time go by because it is like talking to a best friend I’ve known forever, and it’s always fun. That’s exactly what it’s like being on Jean’s LOVE LIGHT show. Not to mention all the engineers and staff have been so amazing to make everything move very smoothly. This is a platform where all lightworkers can be themselves in their own unique way. it is a very safe and embracing show. Dr. Jean Marie and the VoiceAmerica engineers make this happen for us like magic. I love Jean’s openness and kindness to make everybody feel at home. Being on the show always feel like being at home conversing with my best friend. I am so grateful to her and the whole team, and I am always looking forward to being back.  Special thanks to VoiceAmerica Engineer, Gabe, who brought the energy of “Archangel Gabriel” to be with us too. With All My Heart! Blessings, Love, and Hugs!   -Monica Bermudez, Intuitive Quantum Energy Healer “Quantum Strengthen Your Heart 2022 & Beyond: Live With Purpose” (May 6, 2022)  https://www.sacredheartawakenings.com