These days, the weather is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. We are not just seeing record high temperatures but also sustained high temperatures, day after day after day. It’s one thing for the body to handle a few hot days; it’s entirely another thing when those extreme temperatures continue on for weeks. The body’s coping mechanisms get challenged for such a long time that the ability to cope erodes. And that means that it can become more likely that we can have serious health consequences.

Dr. Camille discusses the early warning signs that help us to recognize when our bodies are starting to be challenged by the heat and what to do before heat becomes a problem. She shows us how the body tries to cope with heat and how that is different in dry heat and humid heat.  She discusses special risk factors for people with heart disease, asthma, diabetes, neurological conditions, autoimmune disease, insomnia and more. She also discusses how various medications can affect both heat tolerance and sun sensitivity. This episode is filled with practical tips that can not only help you to be more comfortable in the heat, but also to potentially avoid serious health consequences.

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