Our Topic: In this episode, our Soul Doctor hosts a highly esteemed guest, Major League Baseball Pitcher and current President of the Association of Ball Players, Kameron Loe.  In this week’s discussion Loe and Dr. K exchange conversation on the history of frequency healing and the current applications as they applied to extend Loe’s years in the Major Leagues. As a crucial component to living out the dream of a MLB career, healing injuries of the body directly impacts future opportunities that can present themselves by physically being able to stay in the game!  The conversation offers food for thought about cost effective, non-invasive, drug-free modalities and technologies that have been overlooked, under promoted or silenced by the current system of care for most injuries.  True to Loe’s testimony, God can change a challenge into a triumph with restoration that exceeds our imagination!

About Professional Baseball Pitcher, Kameron Loe: Kameron Loe is the current President of the Association of Professional Ball Players of America (APBPA), and 16-year recognized veteran professional baseball player.  As a pitcher, Loe has been on numerous teams that includes: Milwaukee Brewers, Atlanta Braves, Seattle Mainers, Texas Rangers, and Chicago Cubs.  His career has sent him around the world, and aloud him to discover healing modalities offered to the professional players.  This experience has brought Loe in as a Co-Founder of Haloe Health Inc., a non-invasive pain relief and wellness company that utilizes a non-invasive FDA approved Artificial Intelligence guided medical device to combat pain and promote healing.

Athletic Accolades:

§ NCAA Division 1, Big West Champions (2002)

§ Nolan Ryan award for Texas Rangers minor league pitcher of the year (2004)

§ Unsung Hero award with Milwaukee Brewers (2010)

§ N.L. Central Champion with Milwaukee Brewers (2011)

§ AAA Minor League World Series Champion with Royals affiliate Omaha Storm Chasers (2014) § Pacifico League, Mexican National Champion with Aguilas de Mexicali (2017)

About Our Hostess: Our show hosted by Dr. Kristiann Lefferts, author of the corresponding book, “The Soul Connection,” founder of a Tampa-based ministry outreach, licensed holistic practitioner, and minister. Having a passion to bring the fire of faith back into the airways, she honors the historical significance of her adopted hometown tied to the Bay of the Holy Spirit, and the city known for its “Sticks of Fire.” Utilizing the blessing from years of ministry, she desires to ignite the Spirit within to empower the soul with topics that promote engaging reflection and challenge the mindset. With a spark for connecting with others, she strongly believes in the sharing of expertise, knowledge and understanding.

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About The Soul Connection:

Welcome to The Soul Connection, a show that delves into all the potential influencers that shape or feed your soul. Our host, the soul doctor, known as “Dr. K” will invite guests to share their expertise, testimonials, or knowledge on issues that impact the body, soul, spirit, or social spheres.

Guests will include doctors, authors, national figures, faith leaders, business moguls, and inspirational testimonials. There will be an emphasis on Christian content and holistic lifestyles on this show.

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