In the tapestry of disability rights advocacy, few threads shine brighter than Joyce Bender. Founder of Bender Consulting Services and the Bender Leadership Academy, Joyce’s life mission isn’t merely etched into her professional pursuits; it’s woven into the very fabric of her being. Living with epilepsy and hearing loss herself, Joyce’s journey is personal, profound, and fuels her unyielding dedication to building a world where disability is not a barrier, but a vibrant facet of human experience. Now, as she embarks on her 21st season on VoiceAmerica, Joyce’s impact takes on monumental proportions, echoing through the hearts and minds of millions.

More Than a Show, a Movement:

“Disability Matters with Joyce Bender” is no mere radio entertainment; it’s a global beacon, illuminating the path towards equality for the disability community. Since 2003, Joyce has transformed VoiceAmerica into a powerful platform for amplifying the voices that matter most. From navigating employment disparities to dismantling social barriers, from advocating for independence to championing civil rights, Joyce fearlessly tackles the multifaceted landscape of disability. CEOs and politicians rub shoulders with artists and everyday heroes, weaving a captivating tapestry of dialogue that sparks understanding and ignites change.

Bridging the Divide, Transforming Futures:

But “Disability Matters” is more than just a conversation catalyst; it’s an information portal, meticulously built to bridge the chasm between the business world and the disability community. Its unique “Advocacy Matters” segment, anchored by the formidable Peri Jude Radecic, CEO of Disability Rights PA, keeps listeners informed of the latest policy developments, ensuring the show’s impact stretches far beyond the airwaves. Tune in at and become part of a movement actively reshaping the world into one where inclusion and equality are celebrated, not merely tolerated.

A Tireless Pursuit: Championing Competitive Employment:

At the heart of Joyce’s mission lies an unwavering conviction: competitive employment for individuals with disabilities. Through VoiceAmerica, she champions a world where disability is not a professional roadblock, but rather a source of diverse talent and innovative perspectives. Now in her 21st season, Joyce’s dedication continues to inspire policy changes, cultivate corporate inclusivity, and empower individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential.

Beyond Pity, Towards Empowerment:

“People with Disabilities Need Paychecks Not Pity,” Joyce’s powerful mantra, encapsulates her philosophy. For her, pity is a dead end, perpetuating stigma rather than fostering opportunity. Her message is one of empowerment, urging us to move beyond stereotypes and embrace the vibrant mosaic of abilities and strengths that lie within the disability community.

Join the Chorus, Become the Change:

Inspired by Joyce’s unwavering spirit? Dive deeper into her work! Explore her 21 seasons of impactful shows on VoiceAmerica. Delve into valuable resources at and Connect with Joyce on social media and amplify her voice:

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Expanding the Movement: Collaborative Advocacy:

Joyce’s influence extends beyond her own platforms. She lends her expertise and passion to prestigious organizations like the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), Disability:IN, and the Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (PAACC). Through these collaborations, Joyce’s tireless advocacy transcends individual efforts, amplifying the message of inclusion and forging a united front for disability rights across diverse industries and communities.