On a daily basis, the average person is exposed to numerous toxins that affect one’s overall health and fitness. These carcinogens are in our air, our beauty products, our food, and even in the water we drink. While chemical exposure seems almost unavoidable, it is important to recognize the reality of how this build-up of toxins in our body is affecting our overall health and wellness; while contributing to non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cancer, stroke, and heart disease. The World Health Organization provides us with some helpful tips in the article Guidelines on the prevention of toxic exposures, the first guideline starts with “A reduction in the number of exposures and poisonings in the home, outdoor and indoor environments and the workplace.” By greatly reducing the number of toxins we are exposed to daily, we can lead a healthier lifestyle and ultimately live longer more enriching lives. 

In a society where avoiding harmful chemicals, toxins, and carcinogens seem almost impossible; It is now more important than ever to prioritize our health and fitness by following a healthy diet as well as maintaining a steady exercise routine. We must take control of our health by focusing on solutions. As a guiding light in the health and fitness industry,  Beth Shaw, provides helpful tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in her new podcast series Make America Healthy premiering live on VoiceAmerica every Wednesday at 5 pm eastern time. Beth has made it her life’s mission to create a healthier world for current and future generations stating “Our health is our most valuable asset always.” 

As the founder and CEO of YogaFit Worldwide, the world’s largest yoga training school, Beth Shaw has made groundbreaking revelations in the health and wellness industries, while also touching upon the lives of millions around the world through her yoga training systems and best-selling novels. In her novel Yoga Lean, Beth provides helpful poses and recipes to promote weight loss and overall vitality for life. 

In the second episode of Make America Healthy Let’s Clean it up – Reboot and Rebuild Your Body, Beth interviews Dr. Edward Group as they discuss helpful tips on sustaining a healthy relationship with your body. One of which is how to safely detoxify your body of all the harmful toxins absorbed and how to rebuild your body with the nutrients essential for a healthy life. Dr. Edward Group, founder and CEO of Global Healing, provides his expert insight on the importance of body detoxification and its impact on whole health. 

Global Healing has a variety of supplements that are beneficial in supporting a strong immune system. The Oxy-Powder, an oxygen-based colon cleanser and one of Beth’s favorites from Global Healing, provides a safe and natural way of cleansing out all the toxins that have a tendency to build up in your colon. If you suffer from chronic gas, bloating, or constipation it might be a good idea to tune up your digestive system with this superior product. Want to know more about how to properly cleanse your colon? Check out the article Are Herbal Colon Cleansers Safe? provided on Global Healing’s website. 


One of the main causes of high blood pressure is a congested liver. This is due to the body’s inability to pump blood through the liver, causing the heart to pump faster and work harder. Global Healing helps you fight deadly ailments like heart disease with their 6-Day Liver Cleanse Program. This program will provide you with all the nutrients your body needs to revitalize the liver, support healthy digestion, and naturally flush out all the toxins that build up over time. As one of the largest organs in your body; the liver is responsible for metabolizing glucose, breaking down fat, cleansing the blood, producing an important digestive liquid called bile, and storing energy in the form of glycogen. As you can see, supporting a healthy liver is crucial for cultivating whole health. After conducting research on over 300,000 people participating in a liver and gut cleanse, Dr. Group recommends detoxing once or twice per year, as your body can only cleanse about 15% of your liver at a time. The more frequently you detox, the greater percent of your liver will be cleansed. 

Another consumer favorite supplement offered by Global Healing is the Paratrex, which helps eliminate any parasites hiding in our bodies at any given time. By using a unique formula, Paratrex safely creates an environment in the body that is harmful to invading organisms, while also supporting a healthy cleansing system. Some common symptoms and side effects of parasites include headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, difficulty sleeping, weight gain/loss, rashes, vitamin deficiencies, brain fog, and many more. A common misconception of parasites is that they are secluded from bugs and worms when the reality is most of the parasites affecting people today are fungal and bacterial. It is no secret that the human body is teeming with bacteria and fungus, some crucial for a healthy body while others can be detrimental to whole health. It is important to detoxify our bodies of the harmful parasites we might not even know are there, especially before symptoms become unmanageable.  

During the interview on Make America Healthy, Dr. Edward Group discusses three key tips he uses to keep healthy spiritually, physically, and mentally.

  1. Counteracting emotional issues by decreasing media exposure
    1. Dr. Group talks about the importance of dissociating from reality and how social media toxifies the mind
  2. Starting and ending your day the right way
    1. Group recommends avoiding any technology or media in the morning and before bed in order to cleanse the mind and maintain a positive state of being
  3. Lastly, Dr. Group recommends thinking about yourself more often and starting cleansing your body.
    1. This means learning about what toxins plague your environment and start replacing them with healthier alternatives. 

If you are looking to take your health into your own hands, listen to Beth Shaw’s podcast Make America Healthy featured on VoiceAmerica and visit Global Healing’s website to receive a 10% discount of all supplements using the code YOGAFIT at checkout.