The Holidays are a great time to set boundaries. This is a time when emotions run high, there are a lot of demands, high expectations and a lot to accomplish. This could include everything from buying gifts to sending cards, travel and having to attend get-togethers. Perhaps you are hosting a dinner and need to get everything organized and have to find something to wear! 

What does it mean to set a personal boundary? Boundaries are important because they set the basic guidelines, or limits as to how you want to be treated and how comfortable you want to feel. It’s about choosing who surround yourself with, such as being with people that are positive and supportive.  During the Holidays we often have to be around family members or a friends that are difficult.  You have a choice as to whether you decide to visit, and for how long. You may have to set a time limit.  You may even have to decline certain invitations, because the energy is just too draining. You need to do what’s best for you. Often you can set an intention as to what you will accept and not accept in a given situation, and know how you will proceed if needed. This is honoring our peace.

The purpose of setting boundaries is ultimately to keep us safe and to assure our relationships are healthy. They are the limits we set to protect ourselves from being taken advantage of, manipulated or violated by others. They are also limits we set to maintain a strong healthy well-being. It’s about protecting our peace, keeping ourselves safe and cultivating SELF-LOVE. Setting boundaries is one of the biggest forms of self-love. 

It starts with self-awareness. This requires checking in with yourself every day and having a clear sense of what you want to say ‘yes’ to and what you want to say ‘no’ to. Also being able to listen to your body and your intuition, and asking yourself, “does this feel in alignment? Is there a sense of resistance?”  All the way from accepting invitations and requests, having to visit with family where tension can be high, and all the other expectations people put upon you. When you set boundaries, this not only gives you a sense of self-respect, but others will respect you as well. When we don’t set boundaries we can carry resentment, anger and frustration which just causes more of that same energy to manifest back to us. So start now. Start to honor yourself by setting boundaries in a kind, firm and loving way. In the long run, this allows for healthier relationships and a stronger, more confident you!

Start to take care of yourself now and focus on the real meaning of the holidays: gratitude, traditions, family togetherness and love. You will be able to maintain peace and not be so stressed, because you are choosing what works for you.

Wishing you a holiday season filled with peace, love and happiness- Listen every Thursday with host Sonna Johns at 12:00 PT/3:00 ET on ‘Up Close & Empowered’ –