Phoenix, AZ: Tuesday, May 3, 2022: In this show, host Magnus Carter is joined by Adam Torres, investor turned publisher and international speaker. Adam is now focused on bringing the voices of entrepreneurs, entertainers and executives to the main-stream with his publishing brand Mission Matters

In this episode we are going to take some of the advice given to these elite individuals and bring it to you.  Adam has helped many people throughout his career and it is a privilege and honor to have him on the Making More Money for YOU! show.  We will talk about a lot of the hot topics on everyone’s mind when beginning the investing journey to some more advance topics for the seasoned investing veterans

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“We are excited that Magnus Carter, host of Making Money for You, on VoiceAmerica’s Business Channel, will be bringing this important topic to light with his expert guest, Adam Torres, as marketer, publisher, and the investor, are perfect topics for the Network’s global listeners’ consumption,” – says Senior Executive Producer of the show, Tacy Trump

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About Adam Torres:

Adam Torres is Host of the Mission Matters series of shows, ranked in the top 5% out of 2,617,524 podcasts globally. * As Co-Founder of Mission Matters, a media, PR, marketing and book publishing agency, Adam is dedicated to amplifying the voices of entrepreneurs, entertainers, executives and experts. An international speaker and author of multiple books on business and investing, his advice is featured regularly in major media outlets such as Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Fox Business, and CBS to name a few. Prior to establishing Mission Matters, in Adam’s 14+ years in the financial services industry, he amassed a roster of clientele including 1,000+ business owners, and 3,000+ high net worth families. Before his exit, Adam was responsible for the relationship management of over 400 families with a cumulative net worth exceeding $500 million dollars.

About Mission Matters:

The Mission Matters platform is a media outlet designed to give voice to the stories of entrepreneurs, entertainers, executives and experts. In the coming years, we will continue this mission by adding to our current 30,000+ content catalogue of shows, podcasts, media and books in an effort to tell meaningful stories that will inspire current and future generations.

About Making More Money for YOU!:

Tuesday at 1 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

Do you think investing is only for the wealthy? Or you just don’t have enough to start investing? I am here to tell you that is not the case. Making More Money for You show is a show focused on preparing you to start on the right path for a better tomorrow. To get you started on the right path you need to find out where you are now. Then from there we can start. And that comes with knowledge. The knowledge is going to untangle myths, remove misconceptions and take the jargon out of the equation. The bottom line is that everyone deserves the opportunity to have access to the knowledge to make their own choices when it comes to where their money goes. Tune in to find out how this show is going to change your life.

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