Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves
what is impossible!
How many of you have ever had a dream that seemed hopeless due to opposition, namely adversity? Life just simply isn’t going the way ‘you’ planned. You may be experiencing relationship challenges, unintentional misunderstandings that have led to moments of isolation, the hurt from spiteful character assassinations, job losses, financial woes, health challenges and feelings of sheer abandonment.

To add to your misery, the people, places, or things that you once thought would be a source of hope suddenly seem hopeless. Specifically, those you assumed would be there to support and encourage are only there physically but at times appear to have disconnected themselves leaving you wondering ‘what did I do?’  While each of these challenges for some can be very real, I challenge you to ask yourself, ‘is this real or simply a part of a mental sabotage created from a self-destructive mindset?’

In the midst of hopeless desperation, how many of you have ever experienced a still, small, yet powerful voice whispering in your spirit, ‘You’re discouraged because things haven’t turned out the way you planned them to…but you can’t see what I’m doing behind the scenes.’ What an amazing and at times difficult reminder that because we can only see with our human eyes, and may not at all be happy with the circumstances we are in, we can’t see the hidden opportunities behind the scenes that are a part of our bounce back!

My Story

I recall many encounters where I have heard women say, ‘you seem to understand exactly what I am feeling.’  Truth be told, my personal experiences have equipped me to provide women with action steps to bounce back from adversity with our mindset being the greatest tool.  I am all too familiar with mental and emotional by-products that show up when things don’t work out the way we wish.

In times of hopelessness, I can vividly recall silently screaming ‘why’.  Thoughts like…what did I do to warrant some of the most difficult circumstances I faced…why did everything seem to be working for everyone else but not for me…and, who’s standing in the trenches cheering me on.  At one point in my life I recall feeling so low that I contemplated packing my bags and leaving it all.  Then I experienced a one-on-one encounter with that small, still, powerful voice that reminded me of the vision and purpose that had been given to me.  While the circumstances may have changed, a mindset shift allowed me to bounce back and begin to see a glimpse of the hidden opportunities.  Our willingness to go through what we experience can become the catalyst that ushers us into a place of genuine trust.

A Mindset Shift – The Hidden Opportunities of YOUR Bounce Back

Several years ago, I experienced a great deal of adversity that led me into a season of change which left me frustrated and feeling hopeless.  It was that season in particular, that God used to change the trajectory of my thoughts.  But what do we do when all the cards seem to be in opposition to the very promises of God? What do we do when we find ourselves in dark places mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually? Do we fake it as if all is well when our insides are silently crying, ‘help me, God’?  Or do we stop and take a moment to examine our thoughts?

Creating a mindset of hope is determined by the way we allow our thoughts to respond to the challenges we face.  Shifting our mindset is the key ingredient to nurturing our expectations, driving us towards set goals and needs, fueled by each experience and our responses accordingly.  Here are 3 action steps to support shifting your mindset to discover the hidden opportunities.

  • Dare to learn something new that takes you in an uncomfortable/unfamiliar place.
  • Dare to create an expanded awareness that allows you to recognize unlimited possibilities.
  • Dare to speak that which positively shapes your reality.
7-Day Action Plan 

Take the next 7 days to examine YOUR life. Pay attention to those areas you find that are not going the way you planned.  If things are not moving as you desire, dare to get quiet and ask yourself “What do I need to do to shift my mindset to discover the hidden opportunities that will enable me to bounce back.

Final Step

While we may not be able to see behind the scenes, we can choose to trust that still, quiet, powerful voice that inspires us to shift our mindset in order to achieve what appears to be impossible.  This week’s Call To Action: Find that quiet place within where your hidden opportunities await you.

Dare to Live Your Best Life in Abundance,

Your Mindset and Wellness Coach