Join me August 4/22 at 1pm EST!

There is allot of focus on our physical Supply Chains, but what about digital supply chains? I talk with long time lead auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and other standards, Willy Fabritius. Willy takes a different view of Supply Chain Management and talks about the digital aspects, rather than the traditionally focus of physical products and their supply chains. It’s a new perspective that hasn’t been fully talked about until now.

Willy talks about:

1. Defining digital supply chains,

2. Digital supply chain issues,

3. Products and Services obtained through a digital manner,

4. Impacts of digital changes to products already in use,

5. Key program components and possible solutions,

6. Risk Assessments / Analysis,

7. Regulatory requirements,

8. User awareness (People aren’t as aware as you might think.),

9. Incident management and learning from them,

10. Management Systems,

11. Independent reviews and assessments (Governance)…and more.

It’s a very informative talk with a focus many aren’t considering in Supply Chain Management; the digital aspects. Don’t miss this!