Tampa, FL: May 5th 12pm PT: DOWN for the COUNT? Or, UP for the COMEBACK?  In this episode Dr. K, our “Soul Doctor” connects with wrestling sensation “Glacier,” otherwise known as Ray Lloyd. Lloyd shares his inspiring story about how a young man from an area of rural Georgia lands in the biggest arenas in the world as an internationally known figure.  In this exchange Lloyd shares how his All-American upbringing and belief structure set the foundation that could take him where his skill had not yet been developed! 

Lloyd, a successful businessman of a wrestling school, will also share about his latest project “The Replaceables,” a film scheduled to be released by the end of this year.  Promising some good humor and an all-star cast of special appearances, this film is set to be a “must-see” for the worldwide wrestling community and fans!  Filling the vacuum of “family friendly” content, this film promises to deliver A-Team style action without any uncomfortable awkward moments for generations to watch together.  Lloyd’s Christian values testify to his character as a bright light within the entertainment community!

About Ray Lloyd aka “Glacier”:

Ray Lloyd is best known as “Glacier” in the world of professional wrestling. In 1996, he signed an exclusive contract with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and exploded onto the scene. “Glacier’s” unique style of wrestling, and elaborate ring entrances was an instant hit with wrestling fans worldwide. Lloyd has held several national and international titles, including the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Tag Team titles in 2001.

Lloyd continues to be active in professional wrestling, most recently with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), while also pursuing a career in the television and film industries, both in front of and behind the camera. Lloyd has appeared on several television shows such as “Burn Notice,” “The Game” and “Meet the Browns”, in feature films, “A Free Bird” and “The Morningside Monster,” and as a director, producer and actor in the forthcoming feature film, “The Replaceables.”

EMAIL: onefallwrestling@gmail.com.

About Our Hostess:

Our show hosted by Dr. Kristiann Lefferts, author of the corresponding book, “The Soul Connection,” founder of a Tampa-based ministry outreach, licensed holistic practitioner, and minister. Having a passion to bring the fire of faith back into the airways, she honors the historical significance of her adopted hometown tied to the Bay of the Holy Spirit, and the city known for its “Sticks of Fire.” Utilizing the blessing from years of ministry, she desires to ignite the spirit within to empower the soul with topics that promote engaging reflection and challenge the mindset. With a spark for connecting with others, she strongly believes in the sharing of expertise, knowledge and understanding.

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The episode will be available 24×7, On demand within 24 hours of the live show. https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/137174/one-person-can-change-your-future

About The Soul Connection:

Welcome to The Soul Connection, a show that delves into all the potential influencers that shape or feed your soul. Our host, the soul doctor, known as “Dr. K” will invite guests to share their expertise, testimonials, or knowledge on issues that impact the body, soul, spirit, or social spheres

Guests will include doctors, authors, national figures, faith leaders, business moguls, and inspirational testimonials. There will be an emphasis on Christian content and holistic lifestyles on this show.

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