Almost all of us start our day with coffee or tea – it is a pleasure, a ritual, a need. It affects our awareness, our mood, thoughts, feelings and behavior.  It enhances our mental clarity, reaction time and even athletic performance. It makes everything we do more pleasurable. Why do we love it so much? What is doing for our brains and bodies? 

On this week’s episode of Healthy Wellthy U, Dr. Camille discusses both sides of the caffeine debate. She looks at why it feels so good and why it is so much a part of our social lives. She looks at the tradeoffs of caffeine consumption and how it impacts slow wave sleep, the deepest and most regenerative part of our sleep cycle. She looks at practical ways to maximize the many benefits of caffeine without sacrificing slow wave sleep or creating long term health consequences. Using caffeine thoughtfully can make it a guilt-free pleasure.