Make America Healthy is the new live radio show on VoiceAmerica by Beth Shaw. Ms. Shaw is the CEO and founder of YogaFit, author of four bestselling books, and advocate for a healthy body and mind. On her show, she discusses the many health challenges Americans face and gives easy and accessible tips and tools to help address these challenges while hosting many groundbreaking and expert guests.

Many exciting episodes are coming up soon, including a deep dive into fad diets, Biohacking, self-directed mental health strategies, and why clean water is vital for our health. Ms. Shaw will also be discussing healthy cooking and the best foods to eat, diets to try, and supplements we need. Healthy living is not just important to us humans; it is also essential for our pets. And that informative episode is coming as well. The health needs of children are different than those of adults. Ms. Shaw will explore everything important to our children’s mental and physical health as they grow and develop. As an expert on fitness, Ms. Shaw will deliver a thorough episode on senior fitness and discuss the importance of weight training and yoga. As the founder of YogaFit, Ms. Shaw has a wealth of knowledge and a vast reservoir of expert guests to educate and inform her listeners.

If you have missed her previous episodes, they are available on VoiceAmerica’s website and your favorite podcast hosting apps.

In her first episode, Ms. Shaw welcomes an expert guest, Dr. Michael Hasz, a world-renewed spinal surgeon and author. They talk about the obesity crisis in America and how this contributes to chronic back pain. They also discuss the use of stem cells and explain fact versus science fiction. They delve into how to prevent the body from falling apart and, when it does, how to put it back together. In the second half of the show, she brings in Tom, a friend, and client of Yoga Fit’s Yoga Lean program who self-administered the 7-day jumpstart program and lost 56 ½ pounds. For him, it’s not just about losing weight; it’s more of an upgrade to his life. It is challenging to make behavioral changes, and this episode dives into methods to help create long-lasting behavioral changes that become second nature.

In her second episode, Ms. Shaw welcomes Dr. Edward Group from the Center for Global Healing, and they discuss the importance of helping the body learn how to heal itself. They delve into the supplements and cleanses offered by the Center and discuss the benefits and effects of certain products. Ms. Shaw is a loyal customer of the supplements and cleanses, and she provides first-hand experience on how they have helped her.

Having a healthy body is imperative to living a happy and productive life, but it’s not just the body that needs to be maintained. In the third episode, Ms. Shaw delves into the brain’s health with Dr. Patrick Porter, the creator of Brain Tap, a brain fitness company. Dr. Porter’s research supports the view that the brain is elastic and can indeed change and grow. Unlike earlier beliefs, the brain does not have a set number of brain cells, and we can certainly train the brain to become more efficient as we age. Ms. Shaw has always been interested in how to keep her

brain health and increase cognition and firmly believes that having a healthy brain is part of having a healthy body. In this profound and enlightening episode, they discuss how to improve cognition and brain health, and delve into Alzheimer’s and dementia. They discuss how Brain Tap can replace opioid use and reduce pain.

Many times, we ingest harmful products that hinder our health. But there are also harmful environmental factors from which we need protection. In episode four, Ms. Shaw talks with Marty Grosjean, founder of Life Harmony Energies, about protecting ourselves from harmful rays and EMFs – electromagnetic fields – or radiation. Public concerns about the safety of these rays are increasing, and numerous studies conclude these rays are hazardous. EMF side effects could include headaches, loss of sleep, and, in extreme cases, brain cancer. Unfortunately, we are all exposed to these dangerous rays because these fields surround us, even if we don’t use a wireless phone. Mr. Grosjean and Ms. Shaw discuss where to get EMF protection products and how to get a coupon code for 10 percent savings. The show ends positively with Iggy Rodriguez talking about wearable products from Hapbee. These products use a low frequency to enhance or augment one’s center of being. Hapbee helps to increase positive feelings, such as happiness, pain relief, or recovery, without using substances like caffeine, alcohol, or other compounds. Once the product is removed, the body returns to a baseline within 5 minutes. While the product can help alter brain waves, it does not create additional vitamins or other nutrients. But it can be used for recovery, and they talk in length about this.

As the CEO of YogaFit, Ms. Shaw helps people develop healthy bodies and healthy minds. She gives them the tools and resources they need to create a healthy body for themselves, and if they desire, they can train to teach others how to live the YogaFit life. In her fifth episode, Ms. Shaw talks with Rachel Levy about Imago Therapy, a type of relationship therapy centered around healthy love and healthy relationships with others and ourselves. Ms. Levy believes a healthy relationship begins with a healthy relationship with ourselves, which is the foundation of her work.

The obesity crisis in America is profound with 50 percent of the adult population considered obese in the United States. In episode six, Ms. Shaw discusses the reasons for this increase and techniques to combat obesity. She talks with two experts, Dr. Pam Peeke and Francis Kuffel, about tips and techniques to reduce obesity and why it is necessary to keep our weight in check. They talk about emotional eating and how to create a healthy relationship with food. They also talk about food addiction and how food can have a cocaine-like effect. Also discussed are the catastrophic results of Covid Lockdowns on the obese and pandemic weight gains across the United States.

Over 2 million people in the United States are addicted to opioids. The opioid crisis in America is ruining people’s lives, destroying families, and is costing the country over half a trillion dollars in lost productivity. Ms. Shaw talks with Dr. Joseph Bal bacheli in episode seven about the signs of opioid dependency and how to tell if your prescriptions are causing a dangerous dependence. Dr. Joseph explains addiction and withdrawal and the deadly impact of the opioid crisis. Last year over 100,000 people died from an overdose, most from opioids, specifical fentanyl.

Prescription drugs are not the whole problem, but they are undoubtedly a significant contributor. Fentanyl is all over the news nowadays, but what is it exactly? Ms. Shaw and Dr. Joseph explain it and discuss breaking addiction and remaining sober.

One in five people in the United States lives with mental health conditions. In episode eight, Ms. Shaw talks with Dr. Cheryl Meyers about strategies and tools for mental health and the mental health crisis in the United States. Dr. Meyers talks about the collective energy happening now and how people are picking up on this energy and thinking it is their responsibility to help everyone. They talk about the book The Power of Now and the importance of meditation to one’s mental health. Ms. Shaw also talks with Christopher DeSanti about plant medicine and a Course of Miracles. She talks with Dr. Ellen Albertson, who works with people in midlife, and all the issues and healing that need attention.

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