Join me August 11, 2022 at 1pm EST!

The use of Knowledge Management (KM) within the Business Continuity industry can help organizations with their goal of becoming more resilience. I talk with Knowledge Management (KM) specialist, Vanessa Thurlwell, who will help us understand what Knowledge Management is and the considerations for implementing a successful KM program.

We talk about:

1. Principles of resilience (A Resilient Organization, Indicators of Resilience),

2. An overview of Knowledge Management (Explicit Knowledge vs Tacit Knowledge, Knowledge Hierarchy, KM Program components (People, Processes, Tech, Structures, Culture),

3. Steps to Implementation,

4. Linking Knowledge Management principles with Business Continuity Management (Identify, Assess, Develop, Track),

5. The importance of organizational learning, and

6. Success factors for true resilience.

Knowledge Management isn’t a well-understood discipline, but Vanessa does a great job of displaying how much it can help our organizations when trying to become more resilient. Don’t miss it!