Hitomi Casmer & Marisa Cranfill

As a practitioner of John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach, I hold a deep respect for the power of fasciae in our bodies. It’s no surprise that Qigong, with its focus on harmonizing the flow of QI, speaks to me in a profound way. For me, YOQI is the perfect Qigong practice that seamlessly blends traditional Chinese medicine principles with modern knowledge, creating a comprehensive and adaptable approach to healing.

Photo credit: Marisa Cranfill

The six phases of Qi flow system that YOQI offers are truly transformative. Marisa Cranfill, the creator of YOQI, uses poetic expressions that allow me to visualize and feel the energy flows that are otherwise invisible to the physical eye. It’s a beautiful and enlightening process that helps me connect my body, mind, and spirit to the highest good.

Photo credit: Marisa Cranfill

Meeting Marisa at the instructor training immersion in Thailand was a life-changing experience. Despite the long lectures and training sessions, Marisa’s positive manner and genuine love for her work created an exciting yet peaceful environment that fostered oneness. Marisa’s sense of humor and knowledge kept us engaged and excited to learn. The group of nearly 45 students from all over the world, of various ages and backgrounds, created a beautiful harmony in the circle.  I had the opportunity to attend another immersion as an instructor aid in Georgia, and it was an equally amazing experience. The sense of community and harmony that we created as a group was truly special, and it’s a testament to Marisa’s ability to treat everyone as equals. Marisa’s light shines brightly, and I feel honored to be a part of the YOQI community.

Marisa Cranfill

As an ambassador of YOQI Japan, I had the honor of co-creating the Japanese flows with my colleague Ursula. The process was like a mixture of the five elements, and Marisa’s guidance and expertise helped us improve them. From choosing the filming location to helping me choose the clothes to wear, Marisa made the process fun and engaging.

YOQI has become an essential part of my daily practice, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Marisa. Marisa’s kindness and friendliness are genuine, and her light serves as a beacon of hope for all who seek to connect with their highest selves.