Welcome to VAPressPass, part of the World Talk Radio LLC/VoiceAmerica network.  If you are a VoiceAmerica Host this is where you let us know about something other than your upcoming Episode that you would like us to promote for you.   If you’re not a VoiceAmerica Host and want to become one, up your game from a Podcast to a Broadcast or would like to inquire about our A La Carte Marketing Services inside and outside of the Broadcast Arena CLICK HERENOTE:  PLEASE ADD noreply@www.vapresspass.com to your approved list in your email client in order to receive automatic notifications about your post.
For items submitted to VAPressPass there is no need to submit a separate SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION, we’ll do that from VAPressPass.  If you have something that doesn’t require a longer form piece of content from you — like a link to a blog post or a link to an event calender item, or a write up about you on Huffington Post or another site CLICK HERE – if you are Submitting a Press Release CLICK HERE.  If you have a question send it to hostservices at VoiceAmerica.com.

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We’re happy to help you promote your business and activities outside of your Show, and VAPressPass is where you can contribute those things in longer form.  When in doubt contact your Executive Producer HERE or email hostservices at voiceamerica.com.
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