With over 25 years of leadership experience in the corporate world and within church walls, Michele Brands has undoubtedly impacted every woman with which she has come in contact. She is a gifted encourager and leader who helps women grow deeper in faith through her speaking, teaching, coaching, and prayer ministry.

After a series of life events and hardships, Michele sought counsel and was encouraged to get into and stay in the Word of God. When she did, her eyes were open, and she received a hunger and thirst for God’s Word that she had never experienced before. Everything she does now focuses on moving women from routine religion to finding life-giving faith. Founder of Gathered in Grace Prayer Ministries and the dynamic Facebook group Women Gathered, Michele leads an online ministry taking women of all walks of faith through the Bible.

Michele has written several Bible studies, including, Discover Yourself in the Women of the Bible, and co-authored several Bible studies with Christian speaker and coach Deborah Lovett, including, Do Not Worry, Biblical Time Management Bootcamp, and On Guard. As a certified integrative health coach, Michele balances her writing and speaking ministry while working as the Network Director of Women’s Imaging for a large health network in Northeast PA.

Join Dr. Veirdre Jackon on the Living Strong: Flip Side of Adversity Radio Show on Voice America. She and Michele will explore how to rebuild confidence with a Christ-centered focus. Join the conversation on June 23rd @ 5 pm EST and be prepared to walk away renewed and with a flip-side point of view! https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/137823/overcoming-people-pleasing-staying-silent-and-feeling-guilty

Listen live on June 23rd at 2 pm PDT | 5 pm EDT or Listen on Demand: https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/4019/living-strong-the-flip-side-of-adversity

About Dr. Veirdre Jackson:

Dr. Veirdre Jackson is a woman pursuing her purpose and passion – to share her belief that she has survived her pain to be love and light for others on their journey to walk out their promise and live abundantly. Dr, Jackson is an author, speaker, veteran educator, trauma trainer, business consultant, and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of combined experience. She has connected with thousands of men and women from around the country, cultivated leaders, forged community-based initiatives, built ministry teams, and implemented relationship-based programs that deeply impact communities, organizations, and individuals from the inside out. Her gift for turning complex concepts into practical approaches for healing shows up in her first book, 16 Principles for Abundant Living, which is a foundational guide for women’s empowerment. In her book and video series, Fearless Conversations with a Limitless God, women, and men tackle breaking the cycle of toxic thoughts that keep individuals in hiding places.

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