Bed bugs are insects that feed on your blood at night. If you have bed bugs in your house, you may be wondering that if bed bugs are in your house, your house might be dirty. But the fact is that your house may be dirty or clean it will not affect the cause of bed bugs. You can find bed bugs even in the cleanest house. If a dirty house is not the reason for the cause of bed bugs, then what else is the reason?

  1. Frequent traveling

One of the most common reasons for the cause of bed bugs is traveling from one place to another. When we travel, we usually stay in hotels chances are that you may carry the bed bugs from the hotel room to your house.

  1. Purchasing used furniture

Purchasing used furniture rather than purchasing a new one will save you a lot of costs. But you have to pay attention that the used furniture is not the house for bed bugs and their eggs.

  1. From colleges and schools

Bed bugs hop from one person to another person. So, it is very common that your children who go to schools and colleges might bring bed bugs to your house.

  1. Having some guests over

When you invite some guests to your house. Your guests may also carry bed bugs in their house to your house as bed bugs can easily hop onto people.

Here are some of the effects of bed bugs

  1. They bite a lot

Bed bugs may look tiny but they bite a lot, especially at night. It is quite hurtful when they bite. It can cause redness and itchiness.

  1. Causes skin infections and allergies

When insects bite it is very common to get skin redness, infections, and allergies and the same happens when a bed bug bites. It may also cause serious allergies in some people.

  1. Blood loss

Bed bugs feed on human blood. So, when a bed bug bites you, it sucks your blood which causes blood loss in your body.

  1. Disturbs your sleep

Bed bugs are usually active at night. So, when a bed bug bites you at night it disturbs your sleep.

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