Photo by Gregg Segal

Healthy Wellthy U welcomes WoniyaThibeault, two-time participant of the History Channel’s Alone, and the author of the new book, Never Alone: A Solo Arctic Survival Journey. Her 73 days of surviving near the Arctic is an extraordinary story of self-reliance and resilience.

In describing her experience, she writes:

“We are not separate from nature, it is where we come from, what shaped our bodies and minds, and there is a deep part of us that doesn’t feel whole without it. Reminding people of this truth is a big part of why I wrote my book, Never Alone.

It is the story of one of the most challenging, profound, and beautiful experiences of my life; a memoir about the months I spent living by myself on a rocky peninsula just below the Arctic Circle. I had no shelter and next to no food except what I could build and procure for myself. I learned to live like a wild animal does – to be completely present in the present moment; my very survival dependent on my ingenuity, my determination, and what the land provided.

I have never felt happier, wilder, or freer. When I left that place, I made a commitment to share the story of my time there with the world, so that all may experience the joy and wonder that it is to live wild in a wild place, and to feel a belonging so deep there is no such thing as loneliness.”