Phoenix, AZ Feb 18th, 11 PST:

Join our Soul Doctor as she welcomes her esteemed guests Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, from The Jewish Voice of Phoenix, AZ and Pastor William Hepfner from Life Destiny Church, Mesa, AZ in a discussion of spiritual empowerment!

What an honor to have two Rabbi’s that have been empowered with the spiritual restoration of a Christian awakening graciously share their prospective on faith that impacts our world! Our Rabbi’s share their own testimonies and restoration experiences, along with their work to share the love of Christ around the world, and in our own backyards. It takes more than a religion to be fulfilled, but a spiritual relationship that can shift the atmosphere! Connect to change your spiritual frequency, a vibe of VICTORY!

About Rabbi Jonathan Bernis:

​JVMI produces a daily television show, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, to educate viewers in the U.S. and abroad on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, Bible prophecy, and world events relating to Israel and the Middle East. JVMI also educates and shares our message through social media, seminars, webcasts, and print publications, including Jewish Voice Today magazine.

Our broadcast ministries exist in order to inspire our viewers to become a part of our mission to bring clean water, humanitarian aid, and the Good News of Yeshua to Jewish people scattered around the globe. JVMI provides practical compassionate assistance through recurring medical and dental clinics to impoverished Jewish people around the world, including Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, India, and Israel. The ministry also performs large-scale international festivals of Jewish music and dance in Eastern Europe and South America. These heritage events provide a unique opportunity to share our faith with attendees.

About Pastor William Hepfner:

Rabbi and Pastor William Hepfner, of Life’s Destiny Church and Yeshua Ha Mashiach, of Mesa, AZ.Pastor Hepfner, Th.D. International Pentecostal Holiness Church Arizona District Evangelism Director, is a visionary with a prophetic and energetic type of preaching. He gets excited about teaching a word that raises up people to come out of the doldrums of life. Currently he pastors two congregations and holds the anointing to connect Jews to Jesus.

About Our Hostess:

Our show hosted by Dr. Kristiann Lefferts, author of the corresponding book, “The Soul Connection,” founder of a Tampa-based ministry outreach, licensed holistic practitioner, and minister. Having a passion to bring the fire of faith back into the airways, she honors the historical significance of her adopted hometown tied to the Bay of the Holy Spirit, and the city known for its “Sticks of Fire.” Utilizing the blessing from years of ministry, she desires to ignite the spirit within to empower the soul with topics that promote engaging reflection and challenge the mindset. With a spark for connecting with others, she strongly believes in the sharing of expertise, knowledge and understanding.

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About The Soul Connection:

Welcome to The Soul Connection, a show that delves into all the potential influencers that shape or feed your soul. Our host, the soul doctor, known as “Dr. K” will invite guests to share their expertise, testimonials, or knowledge on issues that impact the body, soul, spirit, or social spheres.

Guests will include doctors, authors, national figures, faith leaders, business moguls, and inspirational testimonials. There will be an emphasis on Christian content and holistic lifestyles on this show.

Friday at 11 AM Pacific Time, 2pm Eastern Time on VoiceAmerica Influencers Channel

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