Join me 1pm EST, May 5, 2022!

Being a leader is hard. It’s even harder during a crisis. I speak with psychologist and author, Gavin Freeman about leadership psychology as it pertains to crisis management. It’s quite insightful and at times, surprising.

We touch on:

1. The Ardent – Dreamworld Incident (Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Outcome?),

2. The mind of the CEO – Upper Echelon of the CEO,

3. Regulatory Theory,

4. Promotional vs Preventative to Performance vs Preventative,

5. Behavioral Agency Theory,

6. Reputation Management,

7. Value = Insight + Tension (This is really interesting and worth a listen), and

8. What can leaders, professionals, and organizations do?

It’s a very interesting talk about psychology and crisis management, and Gavin does a great job of turning theory into something lite and understandable. It become clear quite quickly, that being a leader during a crisis is much more than following a plan. Enjoy!