How to Overcome Loneliness?

Are you feeling lonely and dejected in your life?

According to a global survey, 33% of population worldwide has been suffering from loneliness. Most of us know, that Pandemic has caused a lot of people suffer from loneliness.

Loneliness is a feeling that is conveyed by our mind. When we do not cater to the needs of our mind when it is feeling lonely, slowly it develops to severe mental and physical health issues.

Various research studies shows that loneliness is associated to anxiety, depression , suicide, hallucinations and more . It can also impact the brain’s function by affecting the neuronal health, cognitive ability and memory.

Loneliness is also associated to poor nutrition, poor habits and addictions .

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So, what can help us cope loneliness?

A simple way to cope with loneliness is through healthy connections.

Healthy Connections are essential for our personal development as it helps us learn and grow in our life . It also helps improve our mental and physical health.

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