“I could sense something big was on the horizon and the timelines of our Earth were separating. It was the time I had intuitively known about all of my life. One of my first children’s stories was called The Tribe of Uno. It was the story of a tribe of people who suffered a cataclysmic disaster that spilt their tribe into two, forcing each one to choose between two worlds. I saw this playing out before my own eyes and knew I had to choose wisely and let go of everything that was not true. I began to sense that there would be those who wanted to ascend into the higher “organic” frequencies and those who would choose to remain locked in the artificial time loop of the lower frequencies repeating the past over and over and over. I decided I would no longer waste my precious time, energy and talents on people who did not desire to ascend. Instead, I would dedicate all my energy to helping those who wanted to awaken from the dream spell. I realized that a Consciousness Renaissance could not occur until the world got its wake-up all. So I dedicated myself to helping people wake up!” 


I wrote the above segment in 2018. All We have gone through is to prepare us for this Time, this week…NOW

On November 8, 2023 the timelines are splitting into two very different realities. 

One where those who choose will awaken from the illusion that we are these fragmented finite puzzle pieces and step into a greater reality of truth that we are ALL ONE. We will feel deeper since of freedom connection love and purpose in our lives. Abundance, radiant health, and loving relationships will grow and we will find a deeper meaning to our existence as we work together to serve the One.

We shall feel the shackles of the 3D finite illusion shatter as we allow more infinite light to enter our being. This will be the reality of those who choose the KRYSTALA SPIRAL of life resetting us to Infinite Source.

The other the descending Fibonacci Spiral of death. timeline things will become increasingly worse. Those who hold onto fear, pain, grief, and anger refusing to forgive, love themselves and heal. Those who choose to continue in the illusion of their finite fragmented identity.Those who would continue in greed, parasitizing off of others thinking only of themselves and their gain will have their free will honored and spiral down into phantom fallen realms. Their reality will become more and more wrought with poverty consciousness, fear, isolation and despair to help them to better know the pain of feeling separate from an infinite source and hopefully change their path.

Perhaps many of you have been preparing for this monumental time in our Earth’s History. Perhaps friends, colleagues, and family members have fallen away as you pursued your new life path. Perhaps you find yourself alone now having experienced any dark nights of the soul flushing out your past so you would be poised and ready for this magnificent new beginning! This is the moment you have been waiting for! This is the time foretold in most every ancient culture: This is the Time when the meek will inherit the Earth! When the Rainbow will make the Mother Earth green again! We will be able to plant our. star seeds and see them grow!

As you transition onto this timeline stay focused on, self love and love of others. Love your shortcomings and those of others. Cease to judge but do discern and let those who choose to continue on the finite path. We are all still ONE but they just can not SEE it yet. 

I had a waking dream where I saw all the souls of our Earth mapped out like broken fragmented pieces of a gigantic puzzle. We were all connected but we didn’t know it! We were identifying with the broken pieces, the frayed edges of our finite pieces and could not SEE that beyond this illusion we were all one. We were all reaching out to other puzzle pieces beside us to connect with us to fill in the gaps to relieve of from this desperate pain of being so alone so cut off so isolated. We would drift together momentarily to fill in the gaps to ease the pain of loneliness from time to time but it was only temporary as we still were unable to SEE the big picture that we were in deed not alone, we were ALL ONE part of an infinite puzzle. That puzzle is now coming together in Wholeness or Holiness!

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